admin Hi, apologies for the late reply as your message got caught in the spam folder. As the sound brick is unique to this set, it's considered a rare item. Last year prices for the sound brick were changing hands around the $200 mark but recent ones for sale are going for around $300. Not sure if there will be any takers at $300 but it's still quite a lot of money even at $200. Good luck with the sale.
Katie Gerber What is a reasonable price to pay for the sound brick from the carousel? I am selling a slightly incomplete kit and someone has asked to buy just the sound brick. Thanks for your advice.
admin I guess LEGO designers probably started with some existing elements like the size of the wheels? Or perhaps their marketing prescribed a certain piece count to derive at a target price for the set. Your idea of 1:24 scale would probably be around 10 stud wide for the vehicle? The current city sets have vehicles around 6 studs wide and 8 studs for some of the trucks. Another vehicle I can think of is the Vampyre Hearse 9464. Have not built my set yet but it is 8 studs wide. Overall length is about 20 cm which is close to 1:24 scale. I've never made a vehicle from scratch but I guess you could get a set of the Camper to use the parts as a base for the F350 or F450 ambulance. There's plenty of red and white pieces that is a suitable color combination for the ambulance. Do take some photos of both the progress and completed model if you do attempt it. Cheers.
Tim Miller Wouldn't it be easier to design in 1:24 which would be twice the mini figure scale? I would think that the bricks would work better.
Tim Miller I just joined a volunteer ambulance corps and I am interested in making a larger size Ford F350 or F450 Ambulance. Those are the boxy ones with the cab out the front.