One of the nicer 6 stud wide vehicles in the LEGO city theme is from the 4WD with Horse Trailer 7635 set.

It’s a black off road vehicle which looks a lot like a Range Rover.

Some of the negative points of the original model are that there are no openable doors. The bonnet or hood of the car and roof can be lifted off but that’s it.

Here is my minor modification of the original model to improve on it. The rear of the vehicle is lengthened by 1 stud to add a ‘B’ pillar.

Doors are added for the driver and front passenger. The rear of the car can now flip open too. At the moment I have not figured out a way to hinge the bonnet or hood. That may come in a later mod.

Hope you like it. View more images and the original box art in my earlier review of this set.