This is no kiddy LEGO set for swooshing around but a detailed model of the Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy movies.

It has a full interior with external adjustable flaps and front suspension. The front wheels are also new to match the design from the movie.

The completed Tumbler made of 1869 bricks measures 5″ high x 15″ long and 9″ wide or 15cm high x 40cm long x 24cm wide. As the set is quite large, minifigures are scaled too small compared to the vehicle.

It comes with 2 minifigures namely Batman and the enemy Joker that are exclusive to this set. As with all large collector sets, it come with a small plaque with details of the Tumbler.

It’s a unique set meant for teenagers or adults and due to the short production run will be hard to find so grab a set if you are still undecided about it while stocks are available at and amazon.

Lego has listed the set as retiring soon.

Year Released: 2014
Year Discontinued: 2015
Minifigures: 2
Pieces: 1869
Retail Price: $199.99