Another interesting set is the LEGO Brand Retail Store 3300003 set.

These are given out during the grand opening of new official LEGO stores.

The sets are not minifigure scale and do not come with any minifigures. Foot print of the build is 12 x 12 studs. It is about 9.5 cm or 3 3/4 inch in length.

Compared to the Mini Modulars 10230, the LEGO Store is slightly larger as the individual buildings are on a 8 x 8 base plate.

The LEGO Store set is a simple build but the the designers managed to include many details of the actual store like the pick a brick wall.

It also has many transparent parts that make up the glass windows and doors.

For the LEGO fan, it is a nice set to display on the desk and works well as a paper weight. Not much play value for this set except removing the roof to peer inside the model.

Year Released: 2012
Year Discontinued:
Minifigures: 0
Pieces: 280
Retail Price: LEGO exclusive given out during new store opening.