Spent the afternoon trying to keep my 18th month old son entertained. As he was getting bored, I looked around for some other toys for him.

I was rummaging through the box of toys and realised he has not played with his LEGO Duplo bricks for a few days.

At first I made an airplane for him to swoosh around. While he was playing with it, I wondered what else I could make.

Staring at the wagon base, the first thought was how it looked like the spools of old cassette tapes.

While trying to make a LEGO Duplo cassette tape, I changed direction mid way as it started to look a bit like the head of a robot with the wheels resembling eyes.

Here it is, the completed LEGO Duplo Robot. As my son played with the robot, it came apart and he started stacking bricks on top turning it into what looks like a rocket.

LEGO sets used in this MOC: