During some of the toy conventions, LEGO releases exclusive models or minifigures for the event.

For the 2013 Comic Convention at San Diego, LEGO had this cute mini version of the Jek-14 Stealth Starfighter.

Only 1000 of them were available and each was individually numbered making them super exclusive and limited.

This set comes in an cubic paper box. Inside is a instruction manual with a bag of LEGO parts.

This set follows on from the first 3 exclusive mini ships from the three toy conventions in 2012.

2012 LEGO Star Wars Limited Edition Mini Ships

Although this set is also limited to 1000 pieces as the 2012 models, the packaging is now paper instead of the attractive metal tin.

The idea of a mini ship that a minifigure can ride on is definitely odd to some people. However, these sets are irresistibly cute.

Not everyone has lot’s of space to display a larger model and the smaller size does mean kids can swoosh the mini ships in the air with one hand.

In fact, LEGO has gone on to introduce more mini ships under the theme called Microfighters. Thankfully, these are now available at retail so everyone can get them.

Year Released: 2013
Discontinued: 2013
Minifigures: 1
Pieces: 105
Retail Price: $40