While the big technic sets are challenging due to the complexity of the gears and parts, some of the smaller technic sets offer great fun too.

Sometimes we just don’t have an entire day to build a big technic set. It also takes up quite a lot of room to display it.

With the Quad Bike 9392, it’s slightly bigger than the small sets and offers great fun to build and also to play with the completed model.

This set comes with nice orange colored panels and three actual springs. Individual springs for the front wheel suspension and a shared spring for the rear wheels.

It also has a chain to connect the engine to the rear wheels. The piston in the engine moves as you roll the Quad Bike. The handle bar is connected to the wheels to allow steering of the model.

The overall completed model is about 4 inch (11cm) high, 6 inch (14cm) wide and 7 inch (18cm) long.

Here are some photos of the model without any stickers.

The nice orange colored panels inspired me to attempt to build a Vespa Scooter.

As with most technic sets, there is an alternative build. This Quad Bike 9392 can be rebuilt into a race buggy. Both builds look great although the rear view of both models look a little empty.

Year Released: 2012
Year Discontinued: 2013
Minifigures: 0
Pieces: 199
Retail Price: $24.99