LEGO minifigures evolved from a static figure in the 1970’s with fixed arms and legs, to pose-able ones in 1978.

From then on, the design has not changed much although there has been some variations released by LEGO as they tested it in different themes.

Some other types of LEGO figures that are different from the standard minifigure:

  • Technic figures
  • Belville figures
  • 4+ figures
  • Microfigs

As LEGO started to license and produce sets and minifigures from movies and comics, many people started to collect minifigures.

For people who live in apartments, minifigures are easy to collect and display compared to LEGO sets.

As most minifigures are only available in a set, LEGO started to release polybags for licensed themes to allow people a cheaper way to obtain the minifigures.

LEGO has also introduced the Collectible Minifigures (CMF) series. Each series sees the release of 16 minifigures individually packed.

It’s a lucky dip to see what minifigure you get and the idea is to trade with others or get you to spend more money to buy the one you want.

They started with Series 1 and is now at Series 11.

The collectible minifigures is a great idea and there are so many interesting minifigures to collect.

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