The movie Cars featured different automobiles that were personified. Some of these characters in the movie are based on real makes and models of cars.

One of the smaller sets with two of the favorite characters is the Tokyo Pit Stop 8206 featuring Luigi a Fiat 500 and Guido an Isetta.

A bigger set with even more characters from the Cars movie is Flo’s V8 Cafe 8487. In this set there are no minifigures but you get six Cars movie characters.

Cars Characters in Flo’s V8 Cafe 8487

  • Lightning McQueen
  • Classic Mater
  • Flo
  • Fillmore
  • Sarge
  • Sally

Out of these six cars, Flo, Fillmore, Sarge and Sally are unique to this set.

One of the nice characters is Fillmore the Volkswagen Bus. You also can’t miss out on Sally the Porsche which is the Lightning McQueen’s girlfriend.

The main build of this set besides the cars is the V8 Cafe itself. It is comprised of the cafe, gas stand and a car wash.

For the cafe, there are some technic pieces to build a slammer. Place one of the cars and release the slammer to watch it zoom out of the cafe.

Although there are stickers in this set. All the parts for the cars are printed on which is great news.

With six cars and four of them exclusive to this set, it’s a great set for the Cars movie fan. Combined with the Tokyo Pit Stop 8206, you’ll get most of the popular characters from the movie.

Year Released: 2011
Year Discontinued: 2012
Minifigures: 0
Pieces: 517
Retail Price: $59.99