Among the LEGO games theme, the Creationary 3844 is one of the most fun. The game play is similar to Pictionary.

Instead of using paper and pen to draw pictures for players in the same team to guess a specific word, you now use LEGO bricks.

What a great combination of merging LEGO bricks with Pictionary for a new twist on the popular game.

No more running out of paper or looking for a pen. LEGO bricks can be reused many times and you would probably save some trees in the process.

The set comes with a pack of 96 cards that depicts a word. A player uses the assortment of bricks to build something that other players in the same team must guess.

There is also a Lego Creationary Game Booster Pack available. It comes with 20 additional cards and a few more LEGO pieces.

It’s a great game for some family fun and truly an exercise in creativity to depict the word using LEGO bricks.

Year Released: 2009
Minifigures: 2
Pieces: 338
Retail Price: $34.99