The Mercedes Benz Unimog is an iconic vehicle. It is tough and versatile leading to its popularity to be used by military to farming.

LEGO has recreated a detailed version of this vehicle with a 2048 pieces technic set. The truck body comes in an attractive orange colour. There are power functions to operate the lift arm at the rear of the truck bed. For the alternative build model B, the lift arm and power functions are reconfigured to become a snow plough.

This is one of the most realistic looking LEGO technic sets ever produced. It’s a pity the set does not come with power functions to be remote controlled to drive around the living room.

LEGO must have heard about this from the fans and have introduced a new RC model in 2012 called the 4×4 Crawler 9398. This set has a new servo motor for return to center steering. Now you can have a LEGO model that not only looks good on display but has much more playability.

Both models are about the same scale and there are fans out there that have already combined the two models together to get the ultimate Mercedes Benz Unimog. Now you can build a LEGO set to chase the pet dog or cat.

Year Released: 2011
Year Discontinued: 2013
Pieces: 2048
Retail Price: $199.99