Here is a video by the designer of the Unexpected Gathering 79003 LEGO set introducing it.

The main build of this LEGO set is the house. A charming little Hobbit home in the woods belonging to Bilbo Baggins. It even has a little tree with plants growing on the roof.

As it is a little Hobbit home, there are many accessories such as food and utensils. Plus the outside has a vegetable garden with plants, flowers and a bucket of carrots.

This set comes with six cute minifigures. You get a Gandalf the Grey wizard and Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit. Also included are four dwarfs namely, Balin, Dwalin, Bombur and Bofur. All come with their own weapons.

There are 13 minifigure dwarfs available in all. To collect all of the dwarfs, you will need to purchase the following sets.

Escape from Mirkwood Spiders 79001

  • Fili
  • Kili

Attach of the Wargs 79002

  • Bifur
  • Thorin Oakenshield

Barrel Escape 79004

  • Gloin
  • Oin

The Goblin King Battle 79010

  • Ori
  • Nori
  • Dori

If purchasing all of the above sets, you get a repeat of Gandolf the Grey Wizard and another Bilbo Baggins in a different coloured suit.

Overall, this is a great set with a nice building, lot’s of accessories and the most number of dwarf minifigures available in a single set. Also you get both Gandalf and Bilbo which are some of the key characters.

If you could only pick one set from the Hobbit series, this set gets my vote.

Year Released: 2012
Minifigures: 6
Pieces: 652
Retail Price: $69.99