As an AFOL, the Ninjago theme sets never really appealed to me. However, they are very popular with the younger LEGO fans.

Kai’s Fire Mech 70500 is a great set that comes with 2 minifigures and an assortment of mostly red parts and HERO factory type ball and socket joints to make the Fire Mech pose in different positions. There are also plenty of pearl gold parts included to accessorize the Fire Mech.

I came across this little set when I was looking for a mech, robot or droid type of LEGO set. This is definitely one of the cheapest sets to get to build a robot.

In the Ninjago theme, there are 3 Mech sets including this. The other sets are the Samurai Mech 9448 and the Fangpyre Mech 9455. Kai’s Fire Mech is the smallest of them all.

The Kai minifigure stands in the center of the Fire Mech holding on to a handle bar. The build is straight forward and comes with a small sticker sheet. I did not apply the stickers as I intended to take the set apart and try to rebuild it later with my own modifications.

Beside the Kai minifigure and Fire Mech, you also get the bad guy. A scout minifigure holding a crossbow as weapon.

After watching the Iron Man 3 movie, I thought this would make a great set to purchase for the parts. It won’t be enough to build the best looking Iron Man suit but the bricks and pieces in this set sure lay the foundation for the new build.

At $10, this set is affordable. It’s less than 10 cents per brick. Plus the Kai minifigure has a different print from other sets in the Ninjago theme. You could give the two minifigures away to a friend or relative, or sell it off to reduce the cost of the parts further.

Year Released: 2013
Pieces: 102
Retail Price: $9.99