Although LEGO has released a number of game sets, I’ve never really looked at what was available.

However, the Shave a Sheep 3845 set caught my eye. It is also known as Wild Wool when sold in the North American market but it’s otherwise the same set.

What you get in this set is four wonderfully cute LEGO sheep and a big bad woof. I honestly bought the set more for the parts to make these cute animals than the game itself.

Besides the instruction booklet, inside the box is a LEGO dice with some colour plates to attach to it. There is a total of 118 pieces.

The game is meant for 2 to 4 people and is very easy to play and pick up quickly. It can also be easily modified by making up your own rules along the way.

Each player starts with a sheep. Roll the dice to determine if you get to add some wool to your sheep, represented by the white 2 x 2 stud brick. Other colours on the dice could represent actions such as stealing the wool from your opponents.

Although the game has been discontinued, the LEGO games series were not extremely popular and many people have missed this set. As such Shave a Sheep 3845 should still be available in shops.

Year Released: 2010
Year Discontinued: 2012
Pieces: 118
Retail Price: $9.99