The Maersk group of companies deal with shipping and also have business in oil and gas. Maersk is another large company originating from the same country Denmark, like the LEGO group.

Over the years, LEGO has released some sets with the Maersk name like container ships, container trucks and trains. The most recent set is the Maersk Train 10219. It is a freight train and also comes with a truck pulling a trailer.

This set is very detailed and suited for display. Although it does not come with tracks or power functions, it is possible to motorise this train.

Items needed are LEGO Power Functions Rechargeable 8879 or AAA Battery Box 88000, Transformer 10V DC 8887 (if using the Rechargeable Battery Box), IR Receiver 8884, IR Speed Remote Control 8879 and Train Motor 88002.

If you intend to motorise the train, it may be worthwhile to buy the Passenger Train 7938 which already comes with track and power functions. That way you get two types of trains in your LEGO collection while sharing the tracks and power functions. The Passenger Train 7938 set is not expensive as the cost of power functions and track make up more that 50% of the retail price of the set.

The main colour of the Maersk company is a blue commonly referred to LEGO enthusiasts as Maersk blue that is only found in Maersk LEGO sets. It is a very popular colour of bricks that people use in their MOCs. As such many people also buy this set for parts.

Before the release of the Maersk Train 10219, there was the Maersk container ship. This model had a few versions over the years due to a change in name of the company from Maersk Sealand to Maersk Line. Sets with Maersk Sealand had the model number 10152. Sets with Maersk Line were numbered 10152 and 10155.

If you would like to recreate a seaport with LEGO, and important thing to note is that the Maersk container ship and train are not of the same scale. The ship is smaller than minifigure scale but is already 69cm long.

The Maersk Train 10219 is a very nice set that will go well with the other sets in the LEGO City or Modular Buildings theme.

Year Released: 2011
Year Discontinued: 2012
Minifigures: 3
Pieces: 1237
Retail Price: $119.99