The second order of LEGO Modulex bricks arrived recently. This time I was able to purchase other color bricks instead of just white in the first order.

There were some greens and blues that could be used to form the base to represent grass or water as it has not been easy to locate a base plate for sale.

As I was staring at the various colored Modulex bricks, an idea of creating a sea side scene using the green and blue bricks popped into my head.

Taking the 2 x 2 stud bricks and randomly piecing them together, the whole build just flowed. Inspiration came from a few places that I have visited.

First was being on a small boat and looking at the islands in the sea while in Krabi, Thailand and Tioman, Malaysia. Steep rocky hills covered in trees that form the islands protruding out of the sea and reaching toward the sky.

The second were places like the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne and Table Cape in Tasmania. A beautiful scene of the lush green of plants against the light blue sky, deep blue ocean and the contrast of the red and white lighthouse.

So here it is, a micro scale scene where land meets ocean with boats bobbing on the waves guided by the lighthouse.

LEGO Modulex Microscale Lighthouse Seaside Scene