LEGO first introduced the Minecraft Micro World: The Forest 21102 set after it was proposed by fans of LEGO and Minecraft on the website.

It is a place where people can submit their ideas and proposals. If more than 10,000 people vote for the set, LEGO will review and consider it for release as an official set.

Due to it’s popularity upon release, LEGO has introduced two more Minecraft sets and are available from 1st September 2013.


Sets in the Minecraft Micro World Theme

  1. The Forest 21102
  2. The Village 21105
  3. The Nether 21106

I’ve not played the Minecraft game before but there is a huge fan base that will surely snap up these LEGO sets.

One thing about the sets is that it comes with many small pieces like 1 stud tiles and plates. As such, the price of the sets seem on the high side.

The packaging of the sets are in a cube. Inside the box is packed almost to the brim with the instructions and bag of parts.

The completed set is made by building four smaller cubes that can then be arranged in a variety of ways. The four cubes are held together by a technic pin.

All three sets are similar in build meaning you could mix and match to enlarge your Micro World.


The Good
Sets come with more spare parts than usual as it’s meant for you to customize your own Micro World.

Most parts are generally standard components and not big custom pieces that can’t be used in your own creations.

Comes with an orange brick separator to take apart stuck plates.


The Bad
Price per brick is higher considering the parts are mostly small pieces.

As all three sets come with a brick separator you will end up with one too many if you get the entire series.


Should You Buy This Set?
Yes if you are a Minecraft fan.

Even if you are not, the sets make a great parts pack especially if you are after lot’s of small tiles or plates. You could make a LEGO Mosaic with the tiles.

Many LEGO fans are excited particularly for the Nether 21106 set as it contains quite a few rare dark red colour bricks.

If you prefer larger sets that are minifigure scale than skip this series.


The Forest 21102
Year Released: 2012
Micromob figures: 2
Pieces: 480
Retail Price: $34.99
The Village 21105
Year Released: 2013
Micromob figures: 3
Pieces: 466
Retail Price: $34.99
The Nether 21106
Year Released: 2013
Micromob figures: 3
Pieces: 469
Retail Price: $34.99