During some of the toy conventions, LEGO releases exclusive models or minifigures for the event.

For the 2012 Comic Convention at New York, LEGO had this cute mini version of Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder.

Only 1000 of them were available and each was individually numbered making them super exclusive and limited.

Instead of packaging in the usual card board boxes, these came in an attractive metal tin.

Inside, you get bricks to build the mini Landspeeder, a Luke Skywalker minifigure plus the instruction booklet.

The mini Landspeeder has space to fit the Luke Skywalker minifigure in the cockpit.

This is not the first time LEGO issued an offical Star Wars Landspeeder set. The recent set was the Luke’s Landspeeder 8092 from 2010. The much older set was the Landspeeder 7110 released in 1999.

Size of the Landspeeders

If you get all three, they will make a nice display together as they are all different sizes.

LEGO has released a series of this mini Star Wars ships, this being the third set.

2012 LEGO Star Wars Limited Edition Mini Ships

For 2013, LEGO released another mini ship at the San Diego Comic Con. The model released is the Jek-14 Mini Stealth Starfighter.

However, this time around the set only came in a paper box instead of the metal tins. It is still limited to 1000 sets like before and sold for $40.

Year Released: 2012
Discontinued: 2012
Minifigures: 1
Pieces: 110
Retail Price: $40