Star Wars is one of the biggest licensed theme with many sets released by LEGO each year. One of the 2013 sets that caught my attention was the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid 75015.

A glance of the box shows the Tank Droid with mostly gray parts, plenty of tracks, some circle disks and a few trans orange plate pieces.

The box art also shows 3 minifigures of Jango Fett, Clone Trooper and a Battle Droid.

Jango Fett is a very popular minifigure not released in any set for many years. That alone will be a major draw for people to buy this set given the price of $20 which is one of the cheapest sets in this wave of Star Wars LEGO.

The Tank Droid design is not particularly attractive to me but it does make an excellent parts pack. The tracks can be used for making your own army tanks or perhaps a Wall-E like what many people have done with the Technic Mini Bulldozer 8259 set.

This set is definitely worth the price just for the minifigures alone plus an excellent selection of parts.

Year Released: 2013
Minifigures: 3
Pieces: 271
Retail Price: $19.99