This is one of the most iconic Star Wars LEGO sets. At 3803 pieces, it’s also one of the largest sets and so is the price tag.

Unlike the rest of the large Star Wars LEGO sets of various ships, the Death Star does not only make a great display piece but also features great playability.

It also features one of the most minifigures available in a single set. At 24 minifigures, you have everything from Stormtroopers to Luke Skywalker.

Although it may seem expensive to spend $400 on a LEGO set, it is actually only slightly over 10 cents per piece which is similar to other LEGO sets.

This set has been in production since 2008 and now would be a good time to grab it before it’s discontinued.

Year Released: 2008
Pieces: 3803
Retail Price: $399.99