The Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 10212 is a large set under the UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) theme.

It is made of 2503 pieces and is 28″ or 71cm tall when complete. The wings are movable and measures 22″ or 57 cm when open.

Compared to the other Star Wars UCS ships like Imperial Star Destroyer 10030, Millennium Falcon 10179 and Super Star Destroyer 10221 which is mostly gray, the Imperial Shuttle 10212 is a refreshing monolith of white.

There is a worry that the Imperial Shuttle will turn yellow over time and be a dust magnet. However, in my opinion it’s still a very nice and impressive ship that is second only to the ever popular Millennium Falcon 10179.

The set also comes with 5 minifigures. There is a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader which can also be found in other sets. However the Luke Skywalker, Imperial Officer and Imperial Pilot are unique to this set.

I’m glad I managed to get one set just before it went out of production. It was only built and displayed for a while before it was dismantled and packed back into the box. Till I have more space or a purpose built clear acrylic cover made, it’s staying in the box together with the Death Star.

Year Released: 2010
Year Discontinued: 2012
Minifigures: 5
Pieces: 2503
Retail Price: $259.99