There has been many LEGO sets released of sports cars with most of them in red. Of course red is synonymous with Ferrari.

So if red sports cars conjures up images of Ferrari than what does yellow bring to mind? The answer is Lamborghini.

LEGO has released the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 in set 8169. A bright yellow sports car designed to be built as a coupe or convertible.

The convertible build features a retractable folding roof. It was the convertible that I built and have not taken it apart to rebuild as the coupe or hard top version.

This set is approximately 1:17 scale and would fit with the other Ferrari LEGO sets like the F430 Challenge 8143, FXX 8156, Enzo 8652 and 430 Spider 8671. It would also display with the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220.

One grip I have is that there are many stickers in this set. The front and rear lights are represented using stickers. Usually I would not apply stickers to my completed models but this will look really weird without them.

There is a quick fix for the rear lights by replacing the stickered yellow curved slope. Parts needed are a series of transparent red single stud slopes (commonly referred to as a cheese slope), trans red single stud plate, trans red 2 x 1 tile and slight reworking of the engine bay to hold the pieces.

The front headlights are harder to resolve. In fact, LEGO already provides a solution. After the introduction of the Lamborghini Gallardo 8169, LEGO released another set called the Lamborghini Poliza 8214.

It is blue in colour and meant to model after the actual Lamborghini Police cars used in Italy. The rear lights of the model is still made of stickers but the front head lights are brick built.

There are minor differences all round the car and the interior is also slightly different. The Poliza can only be built in coupe form.

I have recently bought the pieces required in yellow based on the instructions of the Poliza to modify the front of my yellow Gallardo so that it has brick built lights.

The front of the car is now 1 stud longer. Besides a brick built head light, the side of the bumper is now also made of three slope bricks instead of stickers.

The only issue is that LEGO does not produce a 6 x 6 stud tile used for the bonnet in yellow colour. Six pieces of tiles were used instead.

View my modified Gallardo here.

Despite the usage of many stickers in the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo 8169 set, the completed model is still a nice addition to the garage of LEGO cars.

Year Released: 2009
Year Discontinued: 2010
Minifigures: 0
Pieces: 741
Retail Price: $59.99