I love cars and was glad that LEGO released the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 8169 set as an alternative to the string of Ferrari sets.

Unfortunately the set came with many stickers which I dislike. Read my short review here.

In general I seldom apply stickers to my LEGO sets and would prefer printed tiles as it’s always hard to get the stickers properly aligned.

Also, sometimes the stickers go over more than one LEGO brick and it’s difficult to take apart the model later or reuse the parts for other builds.

The front and rear headlights were all stickers and the completed model would look weird if I did not apply the stickers.

The Planning Stage

After building the model and studying the rear of the car, I managed to use some trans red pieces to create the rear brake lights.

For the front, I recently downloaded the instructions of the Lamborghini Polizia 8214 set which was released after the Gallardo 8169.

They are essentially the same car but the Polizia 8214 came with brick built head lights.

Also, the side bumper air vents are made using curved slopes instead of stickers making it 1 stud longer at the front then the yellow Gallardo 8169.

A few evenings after work was spent comparing both cars and deciding the parts to purchase for the mod. I consider this a mod rather than a MOC as it was not really my own creation but a modification of two existing sets.

Finding The Right Color Brick

The problem I faced was that LEGO does not have a 6 x 6 stud flat tile in yellow color for the bonnet of the car or hood if you are american.

In the end, multiple 1 x 6 stud tiles were used instead.

Here it is, the completed mod on the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 8169 set. The gallery include images of the original model and the blue color Polizia 8214 set for comparison.