The Lone Ranger movie is a year 2013 American Western film by Walt Disney Pictures. LEGO has licensed to produced some sets based on this movie.

One of the interesting sets in this theme is the Constitution Train Chase 79111. The set comes complete with train tracks unlike some of the earlier licensed set like the Harry Potter Hogwart’s Express 4841 or the Toy Story Western Train Chase 7597.

The train design is not kiddy looking at all. In fact the colour scheme of the dark green and black reminds me of the discontinued Emerald Night 10194 Train except that this is a smaller version.

There is a rotating gatling gun and for the prison wagon, sliding doors with openable roof and exploding rear door function. To top it off, the water tower has an exploding function to stop the train.

Even though the set is licensed, the price is still a good value for what you get in the box. A very nice train, tracks and 7 minifigures including the horse.

It’s a pity there’s no official instructions to motorise the train with power functions. However, this being LEGO, you could figure out a way by modifying the train.

On a side note, the current Passenger Train 7938 would make a good set to purchase for the additional tracks and included power functions. That way, you would have loads of tracks plus a steam train and modern train to add to your collection. The Passenger Train 7938 is good value for money as the power functions already make up almost 60% of the cost of the set.

Although I have not watched the movie, I think this is an excellent LEGO set which I will definitely add to my collection.

Year Released: 2013
Year Discontinued: 2013
Minifigures: 7
Pieces: 699
Retail Price: $99.99