The LEGO group has a special tour package of their factory. Every year, they give out a different set to the tour attendees.

As such the LEGO sets given out are extremely rare and exclusive. We can only admire the sets and wish that someday we could join the tour and get a glimpse inside LEGO and have a piece of memorable souvenir.

One of the sets given out in their tour in 2011 is of the Moulding Machine 4000001. It is a LEGO version of the actual machines used to produce LEGO bricks and pieces. Looks like there were only 68 produced based on images of the box found on the internet.

More photos by the owner of the set can be found on his flickr stream here. And also this link to more photos found on

There are two moulding machines inside this set. One is based on the current machines in use and a smaller one is based on the vintage machines used at the start of LEGO brick production.

The designer managed to recreate the moulding machines including moving parts such as doors and levers. There are a few stickers in this set and so it would be difficult to recreate this set using your own LEGO bricks.

This is one unique and interesting set for the LEGO collector. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale to the public.

Year Released: 2011
Year Discontinued: 2011
Minifigures: 0
Pieces: 795
Retail Price: LEGO Exclusive. Not available to public.