Some time ago, I saw an image of a LEGO set online and thought that the 4WD looked like a Land Rover or Range Rover. But it was one of those small city sets and I never paid much attention to it. I collect mostly larger sets so never really looked at the children centered themes and sets.

I recently saw some images of MOCs to build a minifigure scale Hummer or Humvee. It looked quite cool and I started browsing at more images of 4 to 6 stud wide LEGO cars.

It’s at this point that I came across that little 4WD LEGO set again. This set is none other than the 4WD with Horse Trailer 7635 under the City theme and Farm sub-theme.


The set comes with parts to make a black 4WD and a trailer in tow. The trailer fits the included LEGO horse and the fence for the horse to jump over. There are 2 minifigures, a male coach and a female rider.

Let’s start with the 4WD as that’s the thing that caught my attention. The colour scheme of black with red accent and plenty of windows looks really good. Something that looks like what someone in real life would drive instead of some bright awkward colour.

The front headlights, grille and fog lights including the overall side profile looks like a British Land or Range Rover. The design of the roof allows addition of accessories like fog lamps or tools.

My only gripe about the 4WD is that there are no openable side or rear doors. The roof pops off to place the minifigure and there’s space at the back for a second minifigure although there is no chair.

Horse Trailer

Next is the trailer. It is made of custom molded curved pieces. Although it’s always interesting to see how LEGO designers make curves using squarish blocks and many AFOLs prefer that to big custom pieces.

However, in this case, the trailer ends up looking really nice, curvy and smooth. Possible MOC to use the pieces for a LEGO Airstream trailer?

Overall,I think this has got to be one of the nicest 4WD or SUV looking minifigure scale cars released by LEGO in an official set. I ended up picking a new unopened set on eBay and yes, it’s more than retail price especially with overseas shipping. But still I really like the set. Only regret is not buying it while in production.

View my completed model and modifications to add doors and more here.

Year Released: 2009
Year Discontinued: 2011
Minifigures: 2 + horse
Pieces: 176
Retail Price: $17.48