The LEGO group has been creating bigger and more complicated sets targeting adults over the years. One of the trend has been the release of major landmarks recreated in LEGO.

It started with the Stature of Liberty 3450 in year 2000. In recent years, LEGO has released the Eiffel Tower 10181 in France, Tag Mahal 10189 in India and the Tower Brige 10214 in London.

Continuing in this direction, LEGO has just announced the release of the Sydney Opera House 10234. This is different from the Sydney Opera house 21012 released under the Architecture theme which is a small set suitable for display on your office desk.

The Tower Bridge is built out of a whopping 4287 pieces. At this large a number of piece count, the set is still not minifigure scale. As such, there are no minifigures included in this set. Can’t imagine the cost and piece count of a Tower Bridge that is minifig scale.

One thing to note is that out of the 4287 pieces, 500 plus are made up of a small 1 x 1 slope tan coloured commonly referred to as a cheese slope due to the shape.

It’s still a large number of bricks at 3700 plus if you discount the 1 x 1 slopes. Most of the bricks are in tan colour making it useful to re-build into other buildings of your own creation. You probably won’t run out of the same colour brick as long as it’s tan.

The completed build is more suitable for display and has no play value except for the working draw bridge. However, the variety and quantity of pieces including arches, windows and bricks make it a great set to get creative with your own designs after completing the original model.

This set is targeted at adults with a matching price and piece count. Given the large number of pieces, the cost per brick is actually not as high as some of the smaller sets.

LEGO has generally only kept production of one landmark set and phased off the current sets with a new release. As the Sydney Opera House 10234 has been announced, this is a good time to get a Tower Bridge 10214 if the set appeals to you as it would likely be discontinued soon.

Year Released: 2010
Minifigures: 0
Pieces: 4287
Retail Price: $239.99