The Black Pearl 4184 is a licensed set based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Among the sets released under this theme, there were two sets of ships. The other set was the Queen Anne’s Revenge 4195. It is slightly larger than the Black Pearl 4184 when completed and comes with a higher piece count of 1094 and also a retail price of $119.99

As the name suggests, the ship is black in colour. In fact, almost all the bricks and parts in this set is black. If you are looking for a set to purchase for many black bricks, this is it.

The thing that attracted me to this set was the colour. A classic sailing ship in jet black does look menacing. It will definitely contrast with other LEGO sets when displayed together.

With a piece count of 804, the build can be completed in one seating. The deck itself is a bit bare with only 2 cannons and a crate for holding the projectiles. There is also a small barrel for holding some swords.

The steering of the ship is at the rear with the ship captain’s cabin below. The cabin can be opened from the sides to access the interior.

This set comes with six cool looking minifigures. You get the main character of the movie Jack Sparrow and also the highly detailed Davy Jones and also Maccus. These minifigures are exclusive to this set.

In case you are wondering, the ship does not float. Neither does the Queen Anne’s Revenge 4195.

Some people have commented that the ship does not look very close in resemblance to the actual movie but overall I think the completed build is nice. The Black Pearl 4184 should appeal to both fans of the movie and also fans of LEGO sailing ships. The exclusive and highly detailed minifigures make this a must have in any LEGO collection.

As this set has been discontinued, an alternative set if you love ships is the Pirate Ship Ambush 79008 from the Lord of the Rings theme.

Year Released: 2011
Year Discontinued: 2012
Minifigures: 6
Pieces: 804
Retail Price: $99.99