In 2009, the LEGO group released an advanced model called the Grand Carousel 10196. It was a large build consisting of over 3000 parts.

This set was really detailed and included power functions to move the carousel. Also, there was a sound brick that play music as the carousel moved.

The set may have been a bit repetitive to build due to the similar construction of the 8 segments to form the complete carousel. But once completed, the sight of the carousel moving with music and all surely brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Today, the set is very rare and hard to find. However, LEGO has just announced the release of the Winter Village set for 2013. You may be wondering why I’m excited? Well this is because the new Winter Village Market 10235 has a mini carousel.

It’s nothing compared in scale to the Grand Carousel 10196 bit it sure will make a nice and cute display piece that will fit in most places. If you’re not an advanced builder to create your own carousel or find it almost impossible to get the Grand Carousel today than this Winter Village Market 10235 would be a great set to get.

Year Released: 2009
Year Discontinued: 2010
Minifigures: 9
Pieces: 3263
Retail Price: $249.99