The LEGO group released a Halloween theme of building sets called the Monster Fighters in 2012.

Among the biggest of the sets in this series is the Haunted House 10228. It is of a similar scale to the Modular Buildings series which has now been re-branded as Creator Expert starting with the Palace Cinema 10232 set.

Haunted House 10228 would make a great addition if you are collecting and building up your LEGO street with the Modular Buildings like Grand Emporium 10211, Pet Shop 10218 or other buildings in this series.

Would be nice to create the busy city and shopping street and leave a blank base plant with lots of plants before place the Haunted House 10228.

Alternatively, the Haunted House 10228 could be cleaned up by removing the printed timber tiles from the windows and other minor modification for a lovely Victorian looking building to add to the LEGO town.

One thing about the Haunted House 10228 compared to the other Modular Buildings is that the completed build was designed like a doll house. Half of the house is hinged and could be swung open to see the inside of the building. How cool is that?

The building is three stories high and has a detailed interior. A wonderful kitchen with lot’s of accessories and even a fire place. The chimney has a hidden lever when pulled to release the staircase to the attic.

The minifigures that come with the set include two glow in the dark ghosts and four other monster characters. It would have been nice to have a few more glow in the dark ghosts. This set only contains the spooky minifigures and does not have any of the monster fighters.

There are also many rare sand green coloured bricks in this set which seldom appear in this quantity in a single set. The last time there were so many sand green bricks was in the Statue Of Liberty 3450 set which was released in year 2000. The set came in mostly sand green with some yellow bricks for the flame.

The set comes with a sticker sheet but the building still looks good without applying it. Overall, this set is both nicely design on the exterior and interior. With the hinge design, the completed building is great for both display or for playability.

The price of the Haunted House 10228 is slightly higher than the Fire Brigade 10197, Grand Emporium 10211, Pet Shop 10218 and Palace Cinema 10232 at $149.99 when all the sets are about the same size and piece count. It is however cheaper in price compared to the higher piece count Town Hall 10224 at $199.99 if that’s any consolation.

LEGO may have some disparity when they price their sets but the Haunted House 10228 is still a great set that’s worth getting. Another set worth checking out in this the Monster Fighters theme is the Vampyre Hearse 9464.

Year Released: 2012
Minifigures: 6
Pieces: 2064
Retail Price: $179.99