One of the most popular sets in the Modular Buildings series is the Grand Emporium 10211. The next set released after this was the Pet Shop 10218.

Here’s a video by the designer of the Pet Shop 10218 giving an introduction of the set. He also comments about the rationale behind this set after the release of the Grand Emporium 10211 at the start of the video.

Looking at various LEGO forums, it seems that not many people like this set. However, I think it’s a nice set and is my second favorite set after the Grand Emporium 10211. The Green Grocer is a nice set too but it’s been discontinued and very hard to find.

Perhaps it’s just my personal preference for buildings of that era in LEGO bricks. But the key difference of this set is that it consists of two buildings. Here are some reasons why I think the Pet Shop 10218 is a great set because of this difference.

  • Bricks to build the Pet Shop and also a Town House. Twice the fun.
  • Two buildings = more flexibility to fit into your LEGO town.
  • Run out of space to display? Use it as a book stand.

Besides the outside of the building looking good, the interior is also detailed with many interesting bits. You get details such as basement crawl space, rooftop garden, kitchen, fish tank, fire place and more making the Pet Shop 10218 a great set.

Year Released: 2011
Minifigures: 4
Pieces: 2032
Retail Price: $149.99