LEGO has been released various advanced models of landmarks all over the world. Past models include the Stature of Liberty 3450 in year 2000, Eiffel Tower 10181, Tag Mahal 10189 and the Tower Brige 10214.

Sydney Opera House 10234 is the next model that has been announced for release in September this year. This is different from the Sydney Opera house 21012 released under the Architecture theme which is a small set suitable for display on your office desk.

It will be a very detailed and large set comprising 2989 pieces to construct. The completed model is over 11″ (28cm) high, 25″ (63cm) wide and 15″ (38cm) deep.

Blue colour base plates in a larger 48 x 48 stud size has also been produced just for this set to recreate the Sydney Opera House by the waters of the river.

The Sydney Opera House 10234 captures the iconic roof line and beautiful form of the building. LEGO designers have done a fantastic job of recreating the flowing curves out of LEGO which is by nature blocky.

The actual building is an architectural masterpiece designed by the architect Jørn Utzon also hailing from the same country as LEGO, Denmark.

Although the set uses white colour pieces for the roof, the actual colour is actually off white. However, most photos taken of the Sydney Opera house are always white due to the calibration of the in camera white balance. The model looks and captures the image of what people have of the Sydney Opera House.

Year Released: 2013
Minifigures: 0
Pieces: 2989
Retail Price: $319.99