Beginning in 2008, LEGO released a theme of sets targeted at the older age group. It was the Modular Buildings series that were more detailed than the usual LEGO City sets.

It was a run away success with the first few out of production sets highly sought after now. There are many people who have collected the entire series to build their own minifig scale LEGO city.

For those who missed the first few sets or do not have the luxury of space to display the sets in the Modular Buildings theme, LEGO have released the first 5 buildings in micro scale with the Mini Modulars 10230 set.

Sets in the Modular Buildings series and available in the Mini Modulars.
– Cafe Corner 10182
– Market Street 10190
– Green Grocer 10185
– Fire Brigade 10197
Grand Emporium 10211

It was initially only available for LEGO VIP members but can now be purchased by anyone.

Inside the box are the instructions and a few bag of parts. In this set LEGO have also provided an orange colour brick separator tool which would come in handy to take apart the plates.

LEGO have packed the parts for each building separately. You could build one of each building everyday or complete everything at one go. The completed buildings can be rearranged or connected together in a row.

Although the part count is 1356, most of the parts are small to create the building in a smaller scale. There is a wide assortment of colours and pieces that would be useful plus the included brick separator tool.

Rest of the LEGO modular buildings.
– Pet Shop 10218
– Town Hall 10224
– Palace Cinema 10232

Will be looking forward to LEGO releasing the next series of the Modular Buildings in Mini form. Looks like we will need to wait another 2 years or so for two more Modular Buildings to be released before LEGO creates another 5 Mini Modulars.

Year Released: 2012
Year Discontinued: 2013
Minifigures: 0
Pieces: 1356
Retail Price: $79.99