As the Mini Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 40079 polybag is only currently available as a promotion from, many people are unable to get this set.

It also does not help that only allows one free polybag per household according to their website. I have not tried to place another order above $75 to get this set.

Many visitors of have requested for instructions of this set. View the gallery below for the building instructions.

If you are unable to get it, you can try to build your own Mini Volkswagen T1 Camper Van using existing parts from other sets. The only difficulty is probably the uncommon part for the front and rear of the roof in step 15 and 16.

Another thing is the front of the VW with the logo is a sticker.

Have fun building and do send some photos if you manage to create your own version or in different colors. I would love to see them.

LEGO has also released the character Flo from the movie Cars which is based on the VW Kombi. It’s similar in size to this set.

If you don’t have enough parts to build it and do not want to spend $75 on LEGO to get the free VW, you can buy from Amazon or eBay below.